Conference on Magnetospheres
of the Outer Planets
Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) -- 3-7 June 2019


What is the MOP Conference ?

From 1974, this meeting has enhanced our understandings for the magnetospheres of outer planets, by world-wide exchanges of recent studies, discussions, and collaborative researches.

[MOP Conference page @ Univ. Colorado: HERE]

Meeting Schedule: 3 (Mon) – 7 (Fri) June 2019

(one week after Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019)

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Presenter Guides

25 min for Invited talk (20 min presentation + 5 min discussion)
15 min for Contributed talk (12 min presentation + 3 min discussion)
– Presenters can use own PCs by VGA (and HDMI) connection. Connection test should be done before the session start.
– If special supports are needed, please let LOC members know !

– Poster-board size: (TBC) x (TBC) cm
Poster introduction by Session Chair: in early PM on Mon-Wed (1-min for each)
Poster authors can send a 1-page introduction slide to the Chair of your session.

[Poster Advertise (1-page) submission] — May 20 (Mon)


– Push the button below.
– Select ‘REGISTRATION FEE: Standard rate’ or ‘REGISTRATION FEE: Student rate’
(and add ‘Banquet’ and/or ‘Excursion’ if you attend).
[Invited speaker]: Please select ‘REGISTRATION FEE: Invited Speaker (¥0)’
(and add ‘Banquet’ and/or ‘Excursion’ if you attend).

[Early bird] — May 3
[Standard] — May 27

Registration fee

— Early bird: March 1 — May 3 (on the Web, with credit card)
Standard: 12,000 yen
Graduate School Students: 6,000 yen
(Invited & Accompanied: free)

— Standard: May 4 — 27 (on the Web, with credit card)
— On-site (Cash only)
Standard: 15,000 yen
Graduate School Students: 7,500 yen
(Invited & Accompanied: free)

— undergraduate students who do not present their papers
Registration fee is free if you show your student ID at the on-site reception desk. You don’t have to process the online registration. However, the online registration is needed if you want conference memorial novelties. The excursion and banquet are also needed to be paid by the online process if you want to attend.


— on the Web, with credit card: March 1 — May 27
all: 5,000 yen per person (including invited or accompanied person)

Excursion: a bus trip for Matsushima

— on the Web, with credit card: March 1 — May 20
all: 4,000 yen per person (including invited or accompanied person)
It covers ‘Round trip bus fare, Matsushima-bay boat and Zuigan-ji temple tickets’.


Abigail AZARI (Univ. Michigan)
George CLARK (Johns Hopkins Univ./APL)
Vincent DOLS (Univ. Colorado Boulder)
Rob EBERT (Southwest Research Inst.)
Sadie ELLIOTT (Univ. Iowa)
Denis GRODENT (Univ. Liège)
Xianzhe JIA (Univ. Michigan)
Satoshi KASAHARA (Univ. Tokyo)
Norbert KRUPP (Max Planck Inst.)
Bob LYSAK (Univ. Minnesota)
Yoshizumi MIYOSHI (Nagoya Univ.)
Luke MOORE (Boston Univ.)
Chris PARANICAS (Johns Hopkins Univ./APL)
Licia RAY (Lancaster Univ.)
Joachim SAUR (Univ. Cologne)
Yasuhito SEKINE (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
Fuminori TSUCHIYA (Tohoku Univ.)
Zhonghua YAO (Liege Univ.)


Sakura Hall [June 3 (Mon) – June 6 (Thu)]

Katahira Campus
close to Sendai station / Aoba-dori-Ichibancho station [Subway East-West Line]
Campus map

Aoba Science Hall [June 7 (Fri)]

Science Complex C bldg., North-Aobayama Campus
(5-min walk from Aobayama station [Subway East-West Line]
Campus map + Google map

Banquet [Evening on June 6 (Thu)]

At a large-sized bar in the Sendai downtown, within the walking distance from Katahira Campus and Sendai station.

Excursion [PM on June 6 (Thu)]

Bus tour for Matsushima, with Matsushima-bay Cruise ‘Matsushima-Matsushima’ and Zuigan-ji temple.


Hotel Information:
The list of hotels and informations in sendai is form
Check-in available in English, English web sites and Free WiFi.
Richmond Hotel Premier Sendai Ekimae [0.3 km from Sendai Station]
Westin Hotel Sendai [0.7 km from Sendai Station]
Hotel Metropolitan Sendai East [0.1 km from Sendai Station]
Sendai Washington Hotel [0.4 km from Sendai Station]
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Sendai [0.3 km from Sendai Station]
Richmond Hotel Sendai [0.6 km from Sendai Station]
Dormy Inn Sendai Ekimae [0.5 km from Sendai Station]
ANA Holiday Inn Sendai [0.6 km from Sendai Station]
Hotel JAL City Sendai [0.4 km from Sendai Station]
Hotel Monte Hermana Sendai [0.4 km from Sendai Station]

Here is MAP arround Sendai station.

Organizing Committees

Science Organizing Committee

Badman, Sarah
Bagenal, Fran
Bonfond, Bertrand
Delamere, Peter
Hendrix, Amanda
Kasaba, Yasumasa
Kimura, Tomoki [SOC2019-vice-chair]
Kurth, Bill
Lamy, Laurent
Masters, Adam
Roth, Lorenz
Tao, Chihiro [SOC2019-chair]

Local Organizing Committee (Tohoku University)

Yasumasa Kasaba [chair]
Yuto Katoh
Hiroaki Misawa
Takeshi Sakanoi
Atsushi Kumamoto
Fuminori Tsuchiya
Masato Kagitani
Tomoki Kimura
Takahiro Obara
Naoki Terada
Isao Murata
Hiromu Nakagawa


Local Contact

Yasumasa Kasaba
Planetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center (PPARC), Tohoku University
E-Mail: kasaba(at)